Where ‘Generals Die in Bed’ Gets Online Education Wrong — Why Normal Arguments for Online Education Don’t Apply Right Now

July 7, 2020

July 7, 2020

Your publication on July 6 of Jeff Kolnick’s Views piece “Generals Die in Bed” raises some important questions, I’m afraid, related to the opinion pieces that Inside Higher Ed chooses to publish.

My objection to Kolnick’s essay does not lie in his concerns about the health risks of face-to-face instruction during COVID-19. I share many of the same concerns.

Inside Higher Ed

I am responding to Joshua Kim’s open letter [above] with regards to the July 6 article “Generals Die in Bed.”

Of course under normal circumstances Mr. Kim’s assertions regarding online instruction are correct. Decades of research and literature no doubt support the effectiveness he suggests. He is obviously an expert.

Inside Higher Ed

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