Video-based Feedback on Student Work: An Investigation into the Instructor Experience, Workload, and Student Evaluations

November 11, 2020

November 11, 2020

This exploratory study critically analyzes instructor perceptions of leaving video feedback and its impact on workload. Using qualitative and quantitative data, it discusses instructor experiences in adding video feedback to written notes in online courses.  Specifically, this study asks if instructors will feel more “connected” in video feedback courses, if instructors will report increased workloads, and if they see an improvement in their performance evaluations in video feedback courses. The results reveal that video feedback requires more time than written feedback (i.e., non-video feedback), generates varied instructor experiences concerning social presence, and has little to no impact on instructor performance evaluations.  The article concludes that more research is needed to fully understand the instructor experience when using videos, especially in environments where part-time, adjunct instruction is the norm.

Online Learning Journal

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