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October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020

Across the world, higher education institutions find themselves in a dynamic process of change, which encompasses teaching, research and administration. They have to stay abreast of diverse challenges and a changing political, sectoral, and societal environment.

In this context, research and practice go hand in hand; enriching and complementing each other. Within this complex framework, the series Innovative Hochschule: digital – international – transformativ strives for interdisciplinary exchange as well as the dissemination of innovative research and practice.

Contributions in this series range through the complete spectrum of the transformation of higher education institutions and address this process on the system level, the institutional level, and on the individual level. In many cases, the digitalization of teaching, research or administration is a central aspect – whether in the change of teaching and learning settings or in forms of academic exchange and organizational processes. The international dimension of universities also forms a substantial focal point in the themes presented in this series, incorporating the entire bandwidth of current perspectives on internationalization – including, e.g., internationalization at home, the decolonization of universities or the benefits of virtual possibilities for internationalization. Further to these central themes, this series invites contributions that consider additional processes within the higher education landscape.

The series addresses actors from higher education research, management and administration, as well as teaching staff. It invites the reader to a critical analysis – not only of the self-perception of higher education institutions but also of the possibilities and challenges which they face today. Together with the publishing authors in this series, we, as publishers, strive to depict new and interesting perspectives of the ever-changing landscape of higher education and to link innovative research and practice.

Elisa Bruhn: German Society for International Cooperation (giz) 

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